Calling For Gluecon Submissions

By January 27, 2012glue conference

The time has come.

I’ve begun sketching out the structure of the Gluecon agenda (keynotes, 3 wide track/breakouts, 3 workshops), and come next week, I’ll begin the process of slotting talks and topics.

That means, if you want to submit to speak at Gluecon, NOW is the time. By the end of next month, the agenda will be 70-80% done – and getting in earlier really is better.

So, what am I looking for?

For starters, remember who comes to Gluecon: developers and architects.

Second, remember that I’ve publicly pledged to make Gluecon more technical than any other cloud/mobile/API conference out there.

Third, think “code on the screen” in a presentation and you’re headed in the right direction.

Topics I’m interested in (and this list is by NO MEANS inclusive, but should paint a picture) include: DynamoDB, phonegap vs. titantium, hadoop scaling, NoSQL alternatives, building mobile apps (all aspects – monetization, push, social, etc), devops, cloud storage gateways, cloud identity/security, MapR, API documentation (and monetization and construction), applied big data topics (how to BUILD with X technologies)….basically, think of the cutting edge things that developers and architects at the intersection of cloud, mobile, APIs need to learn, and send ’em my way.

What kinds of sessions am I looking for?

1. Panels: yes, but it’ll need to be *spectacular* (i have a bias against panels).

2. Solo Presentations: think 30 minutes in length.

3. Workshops: I have very few of these slots and they’re precious…..think of a 4 hour DEEP dive into doing something complex.

There is it, folks. Hit me (enorlin AT