Building a Standards-Based Private Storage Cloud

By April 8, 2011Uncategorized

On the afternoon of May 24th (the day before Gluecon “starts”), we’re having three pre-conference workshops. These workshops are limited in size (40 people per workshop; registered attendees only), four hours long, and meant to be in-depth “build-fests.” Which is to say, you walk in with not having, and you walk out having.

One of the workshops is brought to us via SNIA (the Storage Networking Industry Association), which has built a standards-based “cloud data management interface.” Here’s Mark Carlson on “Building your own standards-based private storage cloud”:

This session will take you deeper into cloud storage than you likely have ever been. First we will explore the standard cloud storage interface called CDMI (Cloud Data Management Interface), including some of the rationale and design tradeoffs in its creation.

Learn about how to use the RESTful interface to move data into and out of a storage cloud using a common interface. Learn how CDMI enables data portability between clouds. Dig deep into features such as Data System Metadata (how you order services from the cloud), cloud-side operations, queues, query and more.

Then stick around as we load an open source Java implementation of CDMI onto your laptop to create your own private cloud. Explore the workings of the JAX-RS standard used in this implementation and the storage code working behind the scenes. Advanced users can even implement their own cloud storage features and expose them through the standard interface.

Be sure to take advantage of Early Bird pricing and register today!