1 Month to Gluecon!

We’re now just under one month out from Gluecon!

You can see the agenda here. It’s basically finalized (those empty spaces are cases where I’m just waiting on a session title), and I’m really happy with how it’s turned out.

If you’re a developer, the agenda offers a veritable smorgasbord of technical goodness. We go deep […]

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Announcing the APIStrat Un-Workshops

I’m very pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, we’ll be having the API Strategy and Practice Tech Un-Workshops on May 19th (the day before Gluecon starts). These workshops are discussion-focused groups divided into two tracks — organized by the wonderful Kin Lane and Steven Willmott.

The two tracks are “API […]

Gluecon’s Women in Tech Scholarship

I’m very pleased to say that, with the gracious support of Salesforce, we will once again be able to offer the Gluecon Women in Tech scholarship this year.

The scholarship is simple: we have a limited number of “scholarships” to Gluecon. This covers the registration fee for the conference, not any travel, hotel or other […]

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Gluecon Topics

As we round the corner into the second half of February, the Gluecon agenda is beginning to come together.  You can see that we’re putting together some great sessions around devops, APIs, distributed systems, etc. And fleshing things out with talks like:

“How To Create Google-Like Infrastructure: From the OS to the Scheduler”

“Declarative Infrastructure with […]

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Gluecon’s Code of Conduct

[This is a repost of Gluecon’s Code of Conduct.]

As I said last year, it pisses me off that we even need to say this in this day and age, but it appears that we do. As such, Gluecon’s Code of Conduct (with thanks to the Geek Feminism Wiki):

Gluecon is dedicated to providing a harassment-free […]

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A First Draft

The process of building the Gluecon agenda is one that I always thoroughly enjoy. Over the years, it has become my annual “get ahead of the curve” study period, where I get to see what’s really on the minds of developers doing cutting edge stuff. As I’ve said endlessly, we pride ourselves on striving […]

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Some Early Gluecon Sessions

I haven’t yet released the first draft of the Gluecon 2015 agenda. I have, however, began working away at the agenda, and have confirmed roughly 15 of what will be the 80+ technical sessions we’ll have at Gluecon. If you’re thinking about attending this year’s show, I thought a sneak peak into some of […]

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Gluecon’s CFP-ish

It’s January, which means it’s time to start putting together the Gluecon agenda. If you’ve never been to Gluecon, and this is the first you’re looking at it, know this: our mission is simple — be the most technically deep, developer-focused tech conference on the planet. That should also guide your speaking submissions.

At Gluecon, […]

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Student Passes for Gluecon

Every year, we try to do some student passes for Gluecon (free passes, that is). They always end up coming in the last 2 weeks (which I know is frustrating if you’re not local), but it’s really a function of “where” we get them from. You see, the student passes are essentially donated by […]

Camp DevOps

There’s a TON going on at Gluecon, but I wanted to draw your attention to one event that’s happening on the 20th (the day before Gluecon proper starts) — especially if you’re local to the area: Camp DevOps.

If you’re into DevOps, or if you want to figure out what is going on with DevOps, […]