It’s March (how did THAT happen?) — which is that weird “in-between” time for Gluecon. By that, I mean that there’s a ton going on behind the scenes for Gluecon (sponsors signing up, logistical planning, working on the agenda, etc), but it’s not quite yet at that point where it’s all reflected publicly. It’s that time where if you’re me, you’re starting to get *really* excited about all of the things that are coming together, but if you’re someone thinking about registering, you can’t yet see all of those amazing things yet.

Accordingly, I thought I’d write a brief note about some things that are happening that may not be readily apparent.

1. The agenda is filling out. You can see the latest public version here. The topic set that’s coming together is getting awesome, and in about 3 weeks, most shall become clear.

2. What you’re not seeing are all of the conversations happening “behind the scenes” — where I’m talking about things like Impala, Numenta, Continuuity, and Google Compute Engine with a bunch of people; where several major launches and announcements are being planned; where hackathon and special events are being planned; and on an on.

3. Google, IBM and Ravello Systems came on last week as sponsors. I’m especially excited about all three of these because none of them have ever sponsored Gluecon in the past, and there’s going to be a lot of fun things that happen around them being there. Example: Google is sponsoring the Ice Cream Parlor during the afternoon break on day 1 — where we’ll all get handmade (custom) shakes, malts, sundaes, coffees, etc to give us that extra bump during the mid-afternoon lull.

If you’re on the fence about coming to gluecon, peruse the agenda and then multiply it by 4 (because it’ll be at least 4 times better by the time we get to the show); imagine an intimate, deep, welcoming networking atmosphere; anticipate a level of technical depth of content that you rarely see at a conference anymore…..and join us.