AWS, Colorado and Silly Laws

By February 14, 2012glue conference

Have you ever wondered why you don’t see speakers from Amazon on the gluecon agenda?

This issue surfaced for me again the other day. I was reading Stephen O’Grady’s excellent write-up of Amazon’s DynamoDB release. I know that the space around DynamoDB is important, so I reached out to Jeff Barr over at AWS and asked if either he could speak or someone else from Amazon could speak about DynamoDB.

What I had forgotten was this: Colorado’s silly laws on internet sales taxes are not fully reversed. And because of that, Amazon employees are not allowed to come to or speak in the State of Colorado (it might create “nexus” issues in their ongoing court cases).

I’m sure I’ll get hate mail on this one, but I’m with Amazon on this. And it’s a shame that communities like Gluecon have to suffer because of laws that don’t make any sense. Bottom-line: Amazon is behaving like the rational economic player in this equation.

Oh, by the way, I’ll still be getting *someone* to talk about DynamoDB. Maybe I’ll hit up Mr. O’Grady himself…