An Exciting Horizon

By April 23, 2010Uncategorized

This morning I tweeted:

[it’s kinda getting sad, no news can get made, nothing can happen w/out me being able to say, “u know they’ll be at gluecon” ]

I admit there’s a fair bit of “talking my own book” going on here, as quite obviously, I want to convince people that coming to Gluecon would be a valuable thing. But on the other side of that coin, it really does seem like so much of what’s *hot* in tech is coalescing around Gluecon. Two examples:

1. The whole Facebook Open Graph thing: yea, it’s the talk of tech town. Is it evil? Useful? Insidious? A benefit? A Google Killer? Thankfully, we have Kevin Marks (an early critic), Chris Messina (another critic), David Recordon (Faecbook), and Monica Keller (Facebook) coming to Gluecon. Do ya think we’re gonna talk some Open Graph? Uh yea.

2. Jonathan Ellis went and launched Riptano: Jonathan’s been spearheading Cassandra, and now he’s launching a startup that’ll provide services and support for what is clearly one of the hottest things around.

And that’s just two from the last couple of days!

I was explaining to someone last night that Glue is really interesting because it envisions a future where two separate realms become one. Those realms are enterprise IT and app development on the web. The thing that brings them together is the Cloud. The idea that they could be one and the same (from a programming standpoint) almost seems unrealistic (“enterprise IT will always have it’s own unique requirements” you can hear the ephemeral naysayers whisper). And maybe it is all unachievable.

But I do know this: enterprise developers are increasingly needing the skills of web app developers, and web app developers are increasingly building things that have to run inside of the enterprise. So whether we’re talking cloud architecture or Xauth, Open Graph or performance testing, Operations as Code or Activity Streams — what we’re really talking about is the most exciting horizon for software engineers over the next decade.

I hope you’ll join us.