An early, early, early draft

By January 22, 2010Uncategorized

Here we go. An early, early, early first draft of an agenda. It comes with all of the normal caveats: topics can change, I’ve got people in the wrong format (in some cases), things are all screwy and subject to change — but, at the very least, it’ll start to give you a general idea of where this is headed. More importantly, it’ll give everyone an opportunity to tell me where I’m going wrong, and what needs to be added, deleted, accentuated, etc. Please do so (either via comments or enorlin AT

A couple of notes:

1. You’ll see “ingredient for a peer discussion” on morning 1. This is an attempt to do some seeding of the open space that immediately follows. Not that it will preclude other topics being talked about – just suggestions.

2. In the breakouts, you’ll see three tracks – strategic/business, technical 1 and technical 2. I’m probably gonna drop the “business” tag from the strategic track, because the early feedback I’m getting is that the “strategic” track really is that – “strategic” (in a technical, architectural and business sense).

3. You’ll also see some breakouts that have the 10 minute “point of view” blasts. That format might change — but essentially, that’s an attempt to not overload on panel formats, and really give speakers a dedicated amount of time to discuss their point of view. You’ll also see some more traditional panel/breakout slots.

4. The stuff that’s really important to me at this point (for feedback) isn’t format, or who should be in what slot, but the topics themselves. So –

Strategic: Moving to the Cloud; Building a Cloud Framework; Cloud Architecture and Security; Integrating in a SaaS environment; Managing Complexity in a Cloud World; Selling in a Cloud (billing, metering, sales, analytics, etc).

Tech 1: Major Platform Providers (Azure, Google App Engine, AWS,; Digging into other Platforms (rackspace, heroku, eucalyptus, etc); NoSQL specific examples (Riak, MongoDB, Neo4j, Cassandra), Protocols, Gluing together Data, Open/Linked Data, Hacking Identity.

Tech 2: NoSQL why’s and why not’s; NoSQL Data Stores (types, use cases); APIs (scalability), Identity (SAML, OpenID, FB Connect), OAuth/WRAP, Standards (A6, OCCI, etc); Activity Protocols (activity streams, PUSH, etc); Mobility in the Cloud (gluing together mobile apps).

…and you’ll see a lot of blank spots (yep, work to do).

Lastly, you’ll see our currently locked down keynoters: Doug Crockford (of JSON fame, Senior Architect, Yahoo!), Michael Barrett (CISO, PayPal), Chris Hoff (Dir. of Cloud, Cisco – with perhaps the best keynote title ever), and Ryan Sarver (Dir. of Platform, Twitter). I’m still hard at work on a *bunch* of stuff for keynotes – again, it only gets better from here.

There’s a lot of blank stuff, and a lot of framework, but I hope this at least begins to give folks a sense of where we’re headed. Lemme know what you guys think (either here, on twitter or in a private thread).