In case you didn’t notice, Cloud Camp at Glue is now “sold out.” Okay, “sold out” may be the wrong terminology, since Cloud Camp is free — we’re “at capacity” for Cloud Camp at Gluecon. (Important reminder: being registered for Cloud Camp does not get you into Gluecon.) It’s still cool though, as we’re basically a month out (28 days) and the kick-off activity for gluecon can’t take any more people.

The same thing is happening on the sponsorship front. We’re dangerously close to “sold out” (actually “sold” out) of sponsorships, and I think that’ll probably happen this week.

As for registrations: We officially topped last year’s Gluecon total about 2 weeks ago (for those that don’t run events, that’s pretty amazing). And registrations continue to keep pouring in.

Are you sensing a trend yet? I’m overjoyed with how Glue is shaping up. Some conferences just take on an energy all their own, and Glue is doing that this year. So, in 28 days, amazing people are going to *pack* a resort nestled up against the foothills of the rocky mountains, where they’ll all talk cloud and open web and APIs and identity and app dev awesomesauce for two days. Will you be one of them?