Quietly quietly, things are beginning to take their initial shape for the inaugural Glue conference. The naysayers point to O’Reilly shuttering events and say that launching a conference like Glue is crazy in 2009. I point to past experience, and Glue’s pricing model, and say that Glue will be a huge hit. In fact, we’re already seeing lots of interest:

1. Glue’s advisory board now includes Zoli Erdos of Cloud Ave, Phil Wainewright of ZDNet, Chris Shipley of DEMO and Guidewire Group, and Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures.

2. Glue’s initial sponsors now include Gnip, Amazon Web Services, MindTouch and Cloud Ave.

So, what’s next? Well, as we begin to flesh out the sponsor list, I’ll also start digging into topic ideas. We know that the cloudification of everything will be important, but I also want to make sure we keep a firm hand on the rudder of web oriented architecture (WOA) and how things like widgets, federated identity, and data mash-ups are stitching together (or should I say “gluing”) everything from content, to data to identity.

Why should you think about coming to Glue before we even have an agenda posted? Glue will be a technical, “workshop-y” look at everything that developers (both independent and enterprise) and architects need to understand as more and more and all applications move to the web as platform. And you just can’t get that anywhere else – now or in 2009. You certainly can’t get it for only $395 (for a 2 day conference). Register now.