A Snapshot of the Agenda

By March 16, 2010Uncategorized

I was just doing some work on the Gluecon agenda (the unpublished part), and noticed one “snapshot” (one afternoon track). Not to toot our own horn too much, but I was struck by the strength of the topics:

The Apache Cloud Stack: an end to end overview (Hadoop, Hbase, Zookeeper, etc)

Application Platform as a Service (e.g., Heroku) vs. enhanced cloud system infrastructure (e.g., Engine Yard)

Why another databse? Drizzle explained.

Inside MongoDB: the Internals of an Open-Source NoSQL Database

Memcached: Fast Distributed State for your Site’s Glue

What struck me was the nice, chunky, technical nature of the talks. When I set out to do Glue’s agenda this year, my motto was “go deeper” — I knew coming out of last year’s show that the real thirst was for technical, developer-oriented stuff. I’m not a developer, but I was determined to find out what matters, and dig in.

And when I see a snapshot of the agenda that looks like this, I know that we’re getting there. 😉

Gluecon: Developing in and for the Cloud.

Join us.