A Gluecon Outline

By April 14, 2010Uncategorized

I was just typing up an email to the Gluecon advisory board, and it spurred me on for a quick post.

Let’s take a look at the Gluecon Outline:

May 25th: Cloud Camp from 4-8pm — free and open to the public, but only 9 tickets remain as of this posting (remember: registering for Cloud Camp does not get you into Gluecon, and registering for Gluecon does not get you into Cloud Camp).

May 26th: Gluecon starts. Amazing keynotes (Mike Stonebraker, Eric Brewer, Michael Barrett, Chris Hoff, etc), deep dives into technical topics (NoSQL, Identity, Cloud Frameworks, APIs, etc), and all kinds of agenda awesomesauce.

Evening of May 26th: An evening reception (open bar), followed by a Hackathon (sponsored by Blank Slate and Twilio, with some goodies provided by Mashery) that’ll last until who-knows-when.

May 27th: More Gluecon awesome sauce — Ryan Sarver, Doug Crockford, David Linthicum, and sessions on protocols, cloud stacks, cloud data management, scalability, etc.

Basically, an overload of learning and interacting to make your brain melt. If you missed Chirp, or the MySQL conference, or even some other random cloud event — fuhgedaboutit! Gluecon’s got all of that covered and more. Forget the tired, old, boring expos, trade-shows and lifeless, bland tech conferences. Come hang with the cool kids at Gluecon. (And use “twit2” for 10% off of your registration.)