7 days to Gluecon, and 7 reasons that you should come:

1. Things are improving and Glue is where real innovation lies: This one’s easy — anecdotal though it all may be, myself and a bunch of other folks are starting to pile up some evidence that things are improving. Get in now. And don’t just get in on every tired, old, washed out trend kicking around the Valley — get your butt to Glue and see what’s really up.

2. The Wifi is gonna rock: Two things that conference organizers consistently screw-up — wifi and power-strips (lack of). We don’t make those mistakes.

3. The Agenda: This one is actually about 4,322 reasons, but I’ve collapsed it into 1.

4. You’ll get to meet the brains behind Glue: No, not me — my wife! Kim works the registration desk and handles every last detail of the conference. When you’re saying, “this food is actually good” – go thank my wife.

5. You might just change your whole life: Gist announced their Series A today. They met the Foundry Group guys at last year’s Defrag. I always watch for these kinds of indicators with our conferences — little signs that significant things are starting to happen in and around the conferences. Bottom line: coming may put you in the right place at the right time.

6. The Pre-conference dinners: We’ve got 3 sponsored pre-conference dinners around 3 great topics – Cloud Computing; Who will own your identity and why?; Re-imagining IT in 2015. Wanna hang out on the 11th of May at 7pm with 25 awesome people (and get a good meal out of it)? Come to Glue. Spots go quickly and it’s first come, first served (the “general invite” email goes out to the full conference registration list Thursday morning).

7. The topic matters: Whether you’re working on the cloud, identity, pervasive context, data portability, web oriented architecture – most startups today are working on something that involves “Glue.” Why not hang with like-minded folks and learn something? — all for $395 (ie, CHEAP).

Register today — waiting only makes the price go up. Not coming only makes your post-Glue regret go up.