22 Days to Gluecon

By April 30, 2013glue conference

We’re 22 days out from Gluecon (21, if you’re attending the hackathon)….yikes, did that sneak up on me!

If you’re on the fence about attending, NOW is the time to get off the fence. You can still get cheap(ish) airline tickets and hotel rooms. And the value that you’ll get in your gluecon registration is off the charts (meals, open bars, all session and activities, awesome wifi, etc). So, let’s say the best conference wifi anywhere, the really good food, the open bars, the ice cream parlor, the amazing networking, and the inclusive community still doesn’t convince you…let’s say you’re concentrated on content, allow me to showcase some highlights:

  • Building REST Data Services with MongoDB and Node.js
  • An Enterprise Mobile Reference Architecture
  • Single Page Architectures – The API- and App-ification for the Web
  • The Economic in-feasibility of on-premise development and testing
  • Automotive Connectivity: More than just a phone with wheels
  • Cortex: Creating a joyful API experience with HATEOAS
  • Start small and go big: getting the most from Google Compute Engine

Plus, the hackathon, three workshops and a TON more substantive sessions.

Use the discount code “gluespring” to take 10% off of the current price, book your travel, and be sure to join us. You will NOT regret it. Join us!