21 Days to Gluecon!

21 Days to Gluecon!

I say that and experience simultaneous elation at the idea of having another gluecon, and trepidation inspired by the sheer volume of our “to-do” list for the show. And then I glance at the agenda….

From wrapped apps for mobile to the failure of SOAP to building and scaling on AWS (THAT should be interesting) to building low latency apps with node.js to hooking mobile apps to the cloud to “ambient clouds”; From OAuth to HBase to Solr to Cassandra to Hadoop; From Graph databases to Telehash to activity streams; From developer ecosystems to big data architecture to API providers; From hackathons to workshops to open bar evening receptions; From startups to enterprises to telcos to tech co’s; From VCs to founders to developers to “enterprise IT professionals”; From awesome wifi to power outlets on tables to GIANT HD screens for presentations…

Are you getting a sense of it yet? If you’re not coming, well…..I don’t know what to say. And if you live in Colorado, are a developer and you’re not coming – well that’s just downright silly.

Do you need a ticket and don’t have budget? Check out John Minnihan’s contest for a free ticket.

Or, use “alu12” (“alu” for Alcatel-Lucent – our most wonderful community underwriter and partner sponsor) and take 10% off of your registration. But whatever you do – get your butt to Gluecon (in 21 days!)

P.S. The hotel room rate expires on May 10th, so be sure to grab your discounted room too!