Gluecon speaker slides

I'm collecting the gluecon speaker sessions/slides as I see them (or receive them). Here's what I have so far: Dwight Merriman on NoSQL Ross Turk - Smarting the Dumb Pipe Doug Crockford - Gluing Together Wet Cats in a Crowd John Willis - Configuration Management in the Cloud Chris Messina on XAuth Aaron Fulkerson - Web Oriented Architecture Jon Meredith - Riak in Ten Minutes Nishant Kaushik - Federated Provisioning and the Cloud Jeff Lindsay on Webhooks Jeff Lawson - Hacking Cloud Communications Monica Keller - Building real-time updates for the Graph API Mitch Garnaat - AWS by the Numbers John Musser - Open APIs: State of the Market Rick Nucci on Looking Between the Apps Darren Wood on Scaling the Social Graph in the Cloud (video here) I'll continue to collect links here as they show up -- and if there's a particular speaker/presentation you're looking for, please reach out to me and I'll work on getting it for you. In the meantime, a HUGE thank you to all of the gluecon speakers. You guys and gals kicked ass.
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