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Archive for March 2012

Guest Post: Under the Radar

This is a guest post from our Media Partner, Under the Radar.

Partnering with the Enterprise: Visa, CocaCola, CBS, and LivePerson

Last year, billions where spent on deals between the enterprise and emerging companies. Visa invested in Square, Jive partnered with SalesCrunch, Salesforce acquired Rypple and the list goes on and on. Partnerships, investments, and acquisitions seem rampant when you read the tech blogs, however, startups will tell you it's not exactly reality. Finding the right guy and getting the meeting is tough, you usually have to enter through multiple touch points just to find the right person.

If you do your homework and know who to target, it can be easier. You have to leverage your network, search Linkedin and start "dialing for dollars". If you find the right person, you'll need to get their attention, this takes a good biz dev guy who knows how to ask the right questions and build relationships.

To be engaged in a conversation with an enterprise, there’s a lot that needs to go right. The first roadblock comes when startups can't articulate their offering. Sometimes they are not asking the right questions and end up talking to the wrong people. There’s strategic value in knowing what a company and each unique team is looking for. For example, Vitaly Gordon, Big Data Scientist at LivePerson says he wants to partner with, “technology that is a game changer versus just a little better/faster/smarter.” Alan Boehme, Chief of Enterprise Architecture, from The Coca-Cola Company is looking for companies working on, “security, analytics, and social.” Paul Payton, Chief Systems Engineer at Visa says the number one thing he looks for in a partnership is, "Maturity in technology." Knowing what someone is looking for on a basic level, will help the startup begin the right conversation with the right team.

If you land that first conversation, Peter Yared, CTO of CBS Interactive advises, “Tell me what business you're in, how much it costs, and how I can get it - within 5 minutes.” Gordon of Live Person agrees, “Sell me on value instead of hype or features.”

Information is power, listening and asking good questions are mandatory to vet and qualify on both sides of a call. If you're interested in talking to Gordon, Boehme, Payton, and/or Yared in person to learn more, they will be at the Under the Radar Conference on April 26th to talk to prospective companies and share their wish list of needs with you.

We've secured a $200 off your ticket price, using promo code, “gluecon”

Screw Sexism

In the past week, there have been a couple of really crappy instances of sexism in the tech world. And if there's one thing we work really hard on over here at both Defrag and Gluecon, it's making sure that sexism isn't tolerated at our shows. In fact, one of my absolute favorite people in tech is Laura Merling. Laura is beyond brilliant and leading the charge on all things API at Alcatel-Lucent (a job that most people wouldn't have the spine to pull off).

This morning Laura and her team got in touch with me. In the wake of this past week of sexism in tech, Laura was wanting to buy passes for 10 female developers to attend Gluecon. And how cool is that?

It's a first come/first served proposition, so hit Laura up on Twitter to grab one of the 10 free passes. #screwsexism

Calling All Early-Stage Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Dev Startups

Are you an early stage startup (i.e., seed-funding or unfunded) in the mobile app development, cloud computing or big data space? Then, make sure to take advantage of the Gluecon Demo Pod opportunity.

Alcatel-Lucent acts as the Community Underwriter for Gluecon, and part of that amazing support is that they put up the money that allows us to give 15 early-stage startups FREE exhibit space at Gluecon. And I mean "free." These are demo-pods that we have designed specifically for the event that have lit signage included, hard wired internet drops included, space for your laptop (to demo) included, passes to the event itself included -- basically EVERYTHING a startup needs to come show your early wares to developers, customers and venture capitalists. All you have to do is get there.

So, how do you take advantage of this? Apply by March 23rd - and we'll let you know shortly.

If you're an early-stage startup (i.e, seed funding or unfunded) in the big data, mobile app development or cloud computing areas, then do yourself a favor, and apply to come hang with us at Gluecon for free.