2 Glue notes and the chance to go flying!

3 quick notes today:

1. All discount codes end on Friday, May 8th at 5pm Mountain Standard Time. No exceptions. Get your butt in the door now – use “en1” and save yourself $200 bucks!

2. You cannot transfer your registration on site (i.e., show up and say, “I’m using Joe Smith’s registration”). If you need to transfer a registration, you need to let us know by Friday, May 8th.

3. And finally (and this is just cool) — the next person to register will win a free 20 minute flight in a 2 seat, open cockpit plane around the Front Range (note: you must be under 180lbs and 6 ft to fit in the plane).  Name another tech conference that gives away flights in cool, experimental aircraft!

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