Trying to avoid the glue play on words

By December 9, 2008glue conference

Okay, I’ve discovered the first problem with naming your conference Glue (no, it’s not that other software companies have products named that): resisting the urge to title every blog post with some “cutesy” glue reference (i.e., “sticking things together,” “drops of glue,” “sniffing…” – you get it). 😉

In any case, it may be December (when the tech world always effectively shuts down), but we’re still hard at work sketching out what Glue should look like. To that end, I’m *extremely* happy to announce our first keynoter: David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of the Ruby on Rails framework. David’s the first in a long string of what I’m sure will be amazing folks that will be involved with Glue.

Because I’d like to get more input around keynotes, topics, etc – I wanted to publish a “mind map” that I started working on for Glue: