10 Days Left for Early Bird

It’s getting to be that time of year again: the agenda is about 80% complete (even if you don’t quite see that yet), the registrations are flowing in, the gluecon supporters include everyone that’s anyone, and next week we’ll announce the 12 demo pod winners.

All of that can mean only one thing: it’s time to grab your early bird registration because that rate will expire shortly (in 10 days; April 15th).

If you’ve been to Gluecon before, then you’ve heard me say that my singular goal each year is to get *more* technical. And if you’ve never been to Gluecon before, then you should know that we are a show that is for developers. Forget business case studies and endless panels about blah blah blah (who gives a shit?) — gluecon is substance, substance, substance, and more substance — until your brain bleeds.

What kind of substance? Things like:

“The Badass Beyond Hadoop: Percolator, Dremmel, Pregel”

“Why MongoDB + Node.js is the new server-side stack”

“Asynchronous Architectures for Implementing Scalable Cloud Services”

“Adding Real-time to Hadoop with a streaming SQL overlay for massively parallel processing”

“Architecting for Performance in the face of Mobile and APIs”

“Real World Big Data – Achieving 100K transactions per second with a NoSQL Database”

“Small devices, big data:Designing a massively multiuser apps platform”

“Securing Your Pocket to The Cloud: OAuth and Mobile Devices”

“Running Node.js applications at scale”

“Integrating Application Intelligence for Better Management and Visibility into Web Applications”

And that’s just a snapshot. Did I mention the 4+ hour workshop from Netflix’s Cloud Architect about their architecture (front to back) and the 4+ hour workshop from the founder of CloudFoundry about building polyglot apps on that platform? Oh, and then there’s the hackathon…and the CloudCamp…and the Twilio workshop….it just goes on and on.

I’ll skip the hyperbole. Don’t miss Gluecon, folks. Grab your discounted registration today. See you there.